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When huge amount of data is being generated everywhere, companies that currently invest in analytics are more profitable than their competitors.

We don’t only talk about analytics any more, but about predicting new opportunities based on our data in the systems. However manual data management is not possible anymore, and successful companies are crowd-sourcing the expertise in the workforce, empowering the people, so capitalize the collective intelligence.

Oracle Business Analytics (Oracle BA) is a complete solution for business analytics serving the needs of an entire organisation. This solution helps you to practically use statistical methods, do data mining, forecasting, modeling – so to analyse your data from different perspectives and with various techniques.

50 billion Euro

Based on the IDC report on Big Data and Analytics the overall data market within the European economy estimated at more than 50 billion Euro and probably will grow to 111 billion in 2020. 

260 billion USD

Worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics will reach 260 billion USD in 2022.

100 trilion GB

It is predicted that by 2025 companies will be storing more than 100 trillion gigabytes of data (Reinsel et al, 2025).

However it is very difficult to manage so much data in so many different forms, coming from so many sources. To gain actionable insights can be an incredibly complex task, where the right software and tools might help.

Oracle Analytics

Oracle Analytics is the industry’s most complete augmented analytics solution

Combining self-service, data preparation, mobile, collaboration, dashboards, reporting and packaged applications.  Access any data and deploy anywhere you choose: cloud, on-premises or hybrid. 

More time

Spend more time on analysis and less on preparation.


Unseen patterns

Leverage new analytic capabilities and discover unseen patterns.


Machine learning

Use all data with machine learning and become a market disruptor.

Augmented Analytics

Power deeper insights by embedding ML and AI into every aspect of the analytics process.

Self-service Analytics

Provide a complete end-to-end self-service environment that far surpasses data visualization.

Governed Analytics

Scale analytics with a secure, extensible, and personalized architecture.

Using Machine Learning to Explain HR Attrition Rate

Watch the video about Oracle Automated Data Discovery:
how can you use machine learning to explain HR attrition rate

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud provides a better way of capturing, analyzing, interpreting and visualizing data.

So organizations can take advantage of new opportunities they might otherwise have missed. This solution provides dynamic, visual environment with embedded machine learning to automatically discover and recommend new data elements.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is designed to support heterogeneous environment, contains embedded AI and ML to empower business and IT.

The solution is a cultivation of 40 years of automation of data management, and now customers get a fully managed, autonomous service which eliminates the manual labor tasks.

Download infographic about Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Cloud that works intelligently

Most analytics platforms rely on human operators to interact with them. 

Oracle analytics, cloud-based platforms flips that script with the system taking on everything from ingesting and cleaning data to analyzing and presenting insights automatically.

Oracle Infinity

Oracle Infinity is an enterprise analytics solution that harnesses big data to provide actionable customer intelligence at scale, in real-time and with unlimited flexibility on a secure platform.

The solution incorporates reporting, ad hoc data exploration and segmentation into a unified application and a single user experience with no limits from the point of data collection to the point of consumption:

Partners, who have already trusted us:

John Cronin, Group CIO for An Post, Ireland’s postal service and largest mail delivery network, shares his view of the future and how Oracle Analytics Cloud makes a huge impact for An Post and its global corporate customers.

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OneGlobe solves efficiency issues for a bank customer by leveraging Oracle Analytics Cloud solutions.

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Joseph Coniker, Principal at Grant Thornton, explains how Oracle Analytics Cloud enabled Grant Thornton to integrate enterprise performance management, and financial ERP data together to offer robust reporting analytics solutions for their customers.

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